Ming – The Harlem – Tiger Died.

Ming the tiger

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Ming, Tiger Famously Found In NYC Apartment In 2003, Dies At Animal Sanctuary.


The tiger who earned his stripes in New York City folklore has died.

Ming the tiger gained fame when he was discovered living inside Harlem’s Drew Hamilton Houses in 2003.

Ming had injured his owner, tipping authorities off to his unusual living arrangements.

The giant cat was removed from his Big Apple apartment and spent the last 15 years at an animal sanctuary in Ohio.



15 years ago Ming, a grown up tiger, was held as a pet in a tiny apartment in Harlem, New York.

New York is now one of the states in the USA that prohibits tigers as pets.

15 years ago Ming injured his owner and was brought to a sanctuary in Ohio, where he died of natural causes.

This already happened in February but news about it was just released.

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