NTCA Finally Gets It Right: Bonus For Excelling Frontline Staff!

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NTCA Proposes Reward For Frontline Staff.


To keep the morale high of the frontline staff, who are the first line of defence against wildlife poaching, forest fires, timber smugglers and other activities that degrade the wildlife habitats in tiger reserves, the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has for the first time come out with a proposal to annually reward the best among the unsung heroes.

Anup K Nayak, member secretary, NTCA , said that the reward is mainly for extraordinary efforts put in by the frontline staff in overall tiger conservation. “The move was much-needed. These frontline forest staff risk their lives as they patrol day and night to protect our vulnerable flora and fauna by chasing and confronting timber smugglers or poachers.


India is losing the most rangers in the world, mostly because of murdering poachers. Their paygrade is low which could undermine the morale.

But now the Indian tiger authority NTCA has proposed to create bonuses for excelling frontline staff members.

Excellent decision!

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