Indian State Chhattisgarh Fails Miserably In Tiger Conservation.

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India – The Hitavada

Management Weakness Hits Tiger Conservation.


The Management Effectiveness Evaluation (MEE) of Tigers in India 2018 report has pointed out human settlements, hunting and illegal felling among others as the major management weakness hindering the conservation efforts in the Tiger Reserves of Chhattisgarh, which resulted in downfall in the tiger population. In the recent tiger estimation report, the tiger population in Chhattisgarh slumped from 46 to 19.

The radical decline in the population of the national animal has come as a major jolt to the Forest Department of Chhattisgarh. Some of the most common management weakness in ATR, USTR and ITR are as following: hamlets inside the core and buffer areas of the reserves, which are hindering management process. Almost all the tiger reserves are lacking in patrolling vehicles and insufficient wireless handsets to maintain communication between the field staffers.


The state of Chhattisgarh in India fails miserably in managing their tiger reserves. The result: poachers can do what they want.

The tiger numbers dropped from 46 to 19.

This most be a big priority for the NTCA, the Indian Tiger authority.

And for prime minister Modi, who obviously wants to use tigers to boost the status of the government. Well, here is another chance.

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