India Needs Tiger Staff!

Tiger staff

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India – The Pioneer

Tiger Reserves Face Staff Shortage.


The number of tigers in the country has increased but the manpower manning them has not. As per the latest tiger census, the number of the predators in the country has risen by 33 per cent in last four years to 2,967,however, on an average the tiger reserves are reeling under shortage of staff with 30 per cent posts lying vacant.

A senior Government official from the Union Environment Ministry said that vacancies pertain to forest guards, forest rangers, forest section officers who are essential for wildlife conservation, grassland management and rigorous protection from poaching and illegal tree-fellers lying vacant.

According to the recent data available from the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), number wise, there are just 11,500 staff protecting manning the 2,967 big cats in the 50 tiger reserves across the country.


Unbelievable but true: India can’t protect its tigers because of a massive shortage of staff.

The Pioneer reports that 30 per cent of all posts in tiger reserves are lying vacant.

So if you know somebody that wants to work in tiger reserves, please contact the Indian National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), they can help you get in touch with tiger reserves that need more adequate personnel:

NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority)
B-1 Wing, 7th Floor, Pt. Deendayal Antyodaya Bhawan,CGO Complex, New Delhi-110003



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