Humans Kill Wildlife With Plastic Waste.

Plastic for tigers

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India – Hindustan Times

Wildlife hit as plastic finds way into parks, reserves.


The death of a Cape Buffalo from eating polythene in the plastic-free National Zoological Park in New Delhi this August not just sent shock waves through the community of environmentalists and wildlife experts, but also raised questions about how clean so-called plastic-free zones, such as national parks, sanctuaries and wildlife reserves, are.

Animals eating plastics is not uncommon. In July, a photograph, shared by a wildlife official, of a leopard eating leftovers in a polythene bag near Corbett Tiger Reserve went viral. In the past, remains of plastic carry bags, gutka packets, and chips and biscuits packaging have been found in elephant dung in the forests of north Bengal.


India, like many other countries, has a culture problem. Most people don’t care about their environment enough and throw away their rubbish on the streets.

But not only on the streets. Tourists do it also when they visit national parks or protected tiger reserves.

Local authorities and NGOs do a lot to prevent waste pollution but is seems not enough.

It’s about time that prime minister Modi comes up with a working plan to change the Indian culture – in this sense.

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