More Tigers In Buffer Zones Of Indian Sundarbans.

Sundarbans buffer zone tiger numbers

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India – Times of India

Buffer-zone count makes Sunderbans tiger roar.


The Indian Sunderbans’ healthy increase in tiger count is mainly because of an unprecedented — almost unbelievable — more-than-fourfold jump in big cat number outside the tiger reserve area.

A detailed analysis of the tiger status report, 2018 — a quadrennial exercise — has revealed that the Indian Sunderbans logged a 16% growth in big cat population.

The numbers are better this time but it is important to look beyond numbers. Some long-term problems remain and they need to be tackled if we are to have a healthy, sustainable Sunderbans.


With the last count of tigers India noticed that the Indian part of the Sundarbans hosted more tigers in the buffer zones compared with the latest count.

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