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Alarm bells after 11 tiger deaths in Madhya Pradesh this year.


Madhya Pradesh has recorded the highest tiger deaths— at least 11—in the first 10 months of a year in five years, according to state forest department officials.

The deaths have alarmed officials as Madhya Pradesh this year reemerged as the state with the highest number of tigers in the country after eight years.

According to the 2018 All India Tiger Estimation report released in July, Madhya Pradesh had 526 tigers followed by Karnataka (524). Officials said that the report has boosted tourism in the state


Indian state Madhya Pradesh has shown beautiful tiger numbers at the last tiger census.

But the flipside of the coin is that in the first 10 months of 2019 already at least 11 tiger deaths were recorded. Electrocution, poaching, poisoning, territorial fights.

Sad but true.
And a call for more action.

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