Avni cub

Rewilding failure as tigress Avni’s offspring dies after release – what happened?


In some bad news for wildlife lovers, Tigress T 1 – Avni’s cub, died on Saturday while undergoing treatment following injuries in a territorial fight. Avni was shot dead in 2018 after being declared man-eater. Her two cubs were then captured and raised in an enclosure in the Pench Tiger Reserve.

According to the Field Director of the Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, Ravikant Govekar,  “Tigress PTRF_84 was recaptured from the wild on March 8, after she was found injured during an internecine fight, finally succumbed to the wounds. She was being treated in a treatment cage in the enclosure at Titralmangi and being monitored by the veterinary officers. Today evening it was found that her health was deteriorating. The veterinary team advised to shift her to Gorewada Tiger Reserve. Immediately preparations were made, however she died around 10 PM. The veterinary team tried their best to provide emergency treatment. The post mortem as per the SOP of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) was carried out on Sunday.”

The whole article was published by Mid-day on March 15, 2021.