Ranthambore tiger cub

Ranthambore tiger cub killed


A Ranthambore tiger cub of ten-month-old was found dead in Tamba Khan area of Ranthambore

The female tigress cub has died in the battle of territory once again in Ranthambore National Park. On May 9, 2021, the tigress T 102 cub was found dead in the Tamba Khan Forest area of Ranthambore National Park. This cub of tigress T102 was a female. The Ranthambore tiger cub is feared to have been killed in a fight with tigress Riddhi.

The area of Ranthambore is now falling short of tigers due to the increasing number of tigers in Ranthambore. Due to this, some tiger-tigress is losing her life in the struggle for variance. A ten-month-old female cub of tigress T-102 died in a struggle for territory on Sunday in the Tamba Khan area of Ranthambore National Park. Probably the young tiger T-124 Riddhi has killed the female cub in the Territorial Fight.

Presently there are 20 males, 28 females, 19 sub-adults and cubs in the tiger project Ranthambore. Due to this, the area of Ranthambore is falling short for the variance of tigers. Due to which conflict situations with tigers and people are arising.