Legendary ‘Fen Tiger’ Caught On Camera.

Fen tiger

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United Kingdom – Somerset Live

Legendary Big Cat Known As The Fen Tiger Caught On Video.


A mysterious big cat dubbed ‘the Fen Tiger’ has been captured on video roaming the Cambridgeshire countryside.

For more than 30 years people have reported unsubstantiated sightings of the animal, elevating it to near mythical status among locals.

However, few people have ever actually been able to snap a pic of the mysterious creature.


A ‘fen tiger’ (commonly used name for a mythical animal, probably from the word phantom) was caught on camera in the countryside near Ipswich (United Kingdom).

The story goes that the big cat, who’s obviously is not a tiger (but probably a Scottish wildcat) has already been there for more than 30 years.

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