Uranium Mining In Tiger Reserve Is Killing India’s Heart And Soul.

Uranium tiger

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India – The Times Of India

In Tiger Country, Tribals, Greens Cry Foul Over Uranium Mining.


What is more valuable to India and its youngest state – Telangana – tigers or uranium?
It is this question that Uranium Corporation of India (UCIL) on the one hand, and environmentalists and tribals on the other hand are fighting over in India’s second biggest tiger reserve at Amrabad in Telangana. It is a classic case of conserving environment and precious biodiversity versus exploitation of equally precious resources.
Spread over 2,800 sq km, about 150 km from Hyderabad, the reserve has an estimated 23 tigers according to the latest figures announced recently by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). The authority believes that the reserve has room for at least another 20 tigers. But amid this lush green Eden, UCIL has also found among the largest reserves of one of the most precious elements in the world – Uranium.
They are conducting surveys in 83 square km within the reserve.


An Indian newspaper is opening a discussion: are tigers or uranium more important to India?

But this whole article is nonsens. Tiger reserves are meant to preserve the national animal of India. They are the heart and soul of Indian society. India thinks this is important and created laws to make sure the Indian tiger reserves are protected.

To start mining in Indian reserves is to stab a dagger into the heart of India and to darken the soul of Indian people forever.

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