Royal Offspring Likes Sanjeev Siva’s Photos Of Tigers.

Sanjeev Siva tiger

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India – The Hindu

On The Tiger Trail: Wildlife Photographer Ranga Rao On Techie Sanjeev Siva's Clicks.


Swetha Kumar Ranga Rao, a descendant of the Bobbili royal family, has the rare distinction of having been part of nearly 600 safaris across major tiger reserves in India. So, when the 42-year-old went around the Relief Art Gallery to catch a glimpse of some of the stand-out images of tigers in the wild as part of an exhibition, he spent quite some time admiring the imposing photo frame of popular tigress Maya by a water body in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Titled ‘Wild Apart’, the exhibition by city-based lensman Sanjeev Siva (35), who quit a lucrative IT job to pursue his passion in wildlife photography, transported visitors to the wild, giving them a close peek at the various moods of the majestic national animal in its habitat.


A seasoned wildlife photographer himself, royal offspring Ranga Rao shows his support to former IT-man Sanjeev Siva at his exhibition “Wild Apart” in the Relief Art Gallery.

Proceeds of the exhibition will go to tiger conservation programs.