UK's Tiger Kings

UK’s Tiger Kings who keep predators legally in their homes are now in the spotlights


UK actor and presenter Ross Kemp looks on stunned as Reece Oliver, one of UK’s Tiger Kings, kisses his lion pet on the lips.

The big cat, along with a lioness, lives in the back garden… in a Nottinghamshire village. Reece is one of the UK’s Tiger Kings.

“This lion loves me, he is obsessed with me,” the man says. The lion licks his face, through bars of his cage.

He also owns a puma. This big cat is native to North America. He says: “I rescued them from eastern Europe. They were going to euthanise a lot of the cats and asked me: “did I want the lion cubs”?

“I brought them up like they were my children. From 10 and 11 days old.”

They belong in the wild. But these lions are just two of the 4,000 dangerous exotic animals that live in Britain’s homes today.

#TigerNews: Read the full article on The Mirror, published on  March 26, 2021.