Malayan tigers

Protect the Malayan tiger at all cost


The recent news of the death of Awang Rasau is a harsh wakeup call that we must address the scourge of poachers with greater resolve. Otherwise, we will soon see the end of another critically endangered species.

Awang Rasau, the male Malayan tiger caught in Terengganu had been shot by poachers with eight bullets that left him paralysed in his hind legs. His condition would have left him unable to hunt and pursue his natural prey, being left with little choice but to prey on livestock to survive.

Thanks to Perhilitan he was rescued and given much-needed care in his final few days, but sadly died from complications as a result of his injuries on 5th March. He had suffered enough.

With less than 200 Malayan tigers left in the wild, Awang Rasau’s tragic death brings the small number of Malayan tigers down yet another notch. If we do not step up efforts to curb poaching and protect our forests, we will lose the battle we have been fighting hard for.

The full article was published by Malay Mail on March 14, 2021.