Malayan tiger

Malaysia must show leadership in wildlife rehabilitation to save the Malayan Tiger and other threatened species


Now that the tragic year of 2020 has just ended and the 21st century has come of age, it is a fitting moment to reflect on the future of Malaysian Wildlife. Significantly, this point in time also marks the end of the National Tiger Action Plan which was carefully formulated in 2008 to achieve a revival of the Malayan tiger. Sadly, the target of 1,000 wild tigers has been missed. In fact, the Malayan Tiger is in terminal decline.

Unless Malaysia can show leadership in wildlife rehabilitation, the tiger is expected to go extinct soon. Personally, this is a source of deep regret. My own involvement with wildlife conservation in Malaysia began at the start of the action plan, around 2008. It sprung from a lifelong love for animals and a particular passion for the tiger. In popular opinion, it is the most favourite and majestic species on the planet.

This article was published by Malaysian Wildlife on January 30, 2021.