Indian actress Aathmika visits Ranthambore Tiger Reserve


I have always been fascinated by wildlife, especially tigers. So, when I had an opportunity to take off for a few days, I chose to head to the Ranthambore National Park. I’ve been to Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary and Bandipur National Park as a child, but this was my first big safari as an adult. I went with a bunch of friends; we met at Jaipur, did local sightseeing there, including the Jaipur Palace, and the next afternoon, we went to Ranthambore. It’s a three-hour drive from Jaipur.

I believe in holistic living and have ensured my immunity is always in good condition. So, I didn’t do a COVID-19 test. But we all ensured we followed all the SOPs throughout our trip — using masks, sanitisers, maintaining social distance, etc.

This article was published on Times of India on February 9, 2021.