Farmers protest over tigers

Farmers in Indian district of Kodagu vent ire over delay in capturing tiger


During a protest held under the aegis of Raitha Sangha in Madikeri on Monday, farmers and labourers vented their ire over the delay by the forest department in capturing the tiger which killed three persons in Kodagu in the recent past.

Farmer leaders from Mandya and Mysuru also took part in the protest. They said the forest department’s move as an eye-wash. Farmers alleged that the tiger capturing operation has created confusion among people and the labourers are living in panic.

Even after 23 days of the tiger claiming the life of a labourer, the forest department has no clear vision to deal with the problem. The forest department personnel have been conducting trips for namesake,” they said. 

During the protest meeting held in front of the DC’s office, Kodagu Raitha Sangha district president Manu Somaiah said, “How many more lives need to be sacrificed till the real tiger is captured? The higher officials of the forest department are not issuing written orders. This is the reason why sharpshooter Susheel Kumar stepped back from the operation.”

He alleged that Deputy Commissioner Charulata Somal and Superintendent of Police Kshama Mishra have not visited the protest site even though the farmers are protesting in Bellur in Ponnampet for a week. Also, the MP of the region, Pratap Simha has not taken care to speak to the farmers.

The complete article was published by the Deccan Herald on March 15, 2021.