Bardiya tiger

Bardiya tiger escaped, people living by Nepal’s forests survive, succumb to wildlife plight


Chularam Tharu (35) from Janaknagar (Geruwa) in Bardiya of western Nepal, was on his way to work. He went to his paddy field to irrigate it. It was 5 AM, dark and very quiet. He released the water, and went to a bush to defecate. When he neared the bush, he heard a sound. Before he could react, a Bardiya tiger jumped from the bush behind him. It attacked him.

“I yelled,” he said in his hospital bed. “For a moment I believed I was going to die. Fortunately, my cry was heard by the villagers who came to my rescue. I’m alive thanks to them.”

Many say that Tharu was lucky the is still alive. Nevertheless, the attack did leave a mark. The fight with the wild animal left injuries. On his head, ear and his back. Due to the injuries the villagers rushed him to Nepalgunj Medical College and Teaching Hospital. He is being kept in an intensive care unit.

“He’s conscious and is doing well. The wounds are bad. But we’re trying our best to make sure he survives,” says Dr Roman Kidwai, the hospital’s Assistant Director.

This attack with a Bardiya tiger is not a solitary incident. Humans and tigers have conflicts ever since humans started to live around the buffer zones of the national parks across Nepal. In the past year, there have been more than 10 cases of such incidents. Tharu was lucky to have escaped, but 10 people have died. Another eight have been seriously injured. All around the Bardiya and Banke national parks in the past year.

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