Malaysia Lingers With Extra Help.

Malayan tigers

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Get Boots On The Ground Quickly To Save Tigers, Says Expert.


A wildlife conservation expert has called for speed in the deployment of enforcers against the poaching of tigers.

Mark Rayan Darmaraj, WWF Malaysia’s lead tiger researcher, told FMT he welcomed the police’s recent announcement that it would deploy 500 personnel from its Senoi Praaq unit to combat poachers, but he said the urgency of the situation required their deployment as soon as possible.

“There are certainly efforts made to get boots on the ground but this needs to be hastened,” he said, adding that efforts to gather intelligence on syndicates needed to be stepped up as well so that the poaching and the trade chain could be broken.


WWF employee warns that Malaysia is lingering with the promised police help.

No word -again – about the enormous problems from palm oil regarding the habitats of tigers.