India’s Odisha Didn’t Protect Its Tigers Well Enough.

Odisha tiger

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Claws Out On Big Cat Count In Odisha.


The recent tiger census showed a sorry figure for Odisha. While tiger numbers have increased in the country to 2,967 at present from 1,411 in 2006, there has been a decrease in Odisha

In 2002, there were 192 tigers in Similipal. Today, there are 28 tigers left in Odisha, according to the Ministry of Environment and Forest. This number has sparked a debate and the state government has decided to contest the census claim by doing its own survey.

Tigers were historically counted by pug-mark method — a technique invented in Odisha. Today, it is aided by camera-trap technology for more accurate estimation, explained Dr Biswajit Mohanty, Chairman of Greenpeace India.




The numbers of tigers in Indian state Odisha are down, leading to finger pointing.
One points out to the methodology: the way of counting tigers must be wrong. Another points out that the protection of tigers is just a mess.