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India – Scroll

How ‘Guptaji’ Aka Ashok Kumar Helped Pull Off India’s Largest Seizure Of Tiger And Leopard Skins.


The street inside the Tibetan settlement at New Delhi’s Majnu ka Tila wound around a cluster of small businesses. Striped Tibetan chubas and western skirts hung above the awnings of some shops. Ball. Food stalls with red plastic seats served steaming bowls of thukpa and po cha.

Walking briskly around the area, Guptaji headed to where he knew his contact was waiting. A middle-aged man of middling height, silver hair receding at the brow, clad in pants and a blue shirt, Guptaji carried a brown, scuffed duffel bag.

He found a plastic chair. A bowl of po cha appeared, followed by a man carrying a parcel wrapped in an old Hindustan Times newspaper. Guptaji opened his duffel bag and his companion briefly glanced into it. He, in turn, opened his parcel for Guptaji to inspect.


Beautiful hommage by Vivek Menon, co-founder of the Wildlife Trust of India, to the founding father of Indian wildlife fighting, Ashok Kumar – a.k.a. Guptaji to celebrate his 84th birth anniversary.