Bangladesh Strikes Hard On Sundarbans Pirate-Poachers.

Bangla minister

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Bangladesh – Dhaka Tribune

Home minister: Will do everything to keep Sundarbans safe.


Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Friday warned that anybody attempting to commit any robbery in the Sundarbans will be punished as the government will do everything to keep the mangrove forest safe.

He was speaking at a program at Sheikh Helaluddin Stadium, celebrating one year since Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared the Sundarbans free of robbers.

The Sundarbans was a dangerous place for tourists and those dependent on it, but it has been made free of robbers and criminal gangs, he said.


The Bangladesh authorities really did a good job in the last years with catching pirate-poachers in the Sundarbans.

Some numbers:
– 246 successful drives
– 586 criminals of various gangs were arrested
– 780 firearms, 41,955 bullets were seized
– 163 pirates-poachers were killed in gunfights
– 9 Bengal tiger cubs were seized, together with 23 tiger hides
– 32 gang chiefs and 328 gang members surrendered and have been reintegrated into society.

Well done Bangladesh.


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