Bangladesh – Like Many Other Countries – Fail In Doubling The Tigers In 2022. But Why?

Dhaka zoo tiger

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Bangladesh – Dhaka Tribune

Is Bangladesh Going To Fail In Doubling Tiger Population?


Due to the wildlife hunting and trafficking, illegal trade of wildlife, deforestation and environmental catastrophe, not only tigers but other wild animals also became endangered in the world. Considering the situation, the tiger range countries (TRC), including Bangladesh, in 2010 at the Tiger Summit in Russia, decided to double the number of tigers in their respective countries by 2022. 

According to the forest department, the number of tigers in Bangladesh has increased by eight in the last three years, which is only 8%. At the same time, the number of tigers in India has increased by 741.

Now the question is: “Is the Bangladesh Forest Department going to fail to achieve the desired goal of increasing the tiger population within a certain period?”


Bangladesh fails in doubling the tiger numbers, as agreed upon in 2010.

The reasons are obvious but the excuses come as the year 2022 is getting closer.