Sand art

Sand art of Sudarsan Pattnaik to raise awareness about tiger conservation


Sand art – Every year on July 29, Global Tiger Day is observed across the world to create awareness about the importance of tiger conservation. With only a few tigers left in the wild in the whole world, the day assumes greater significance to educate masses about tiger conservation issues.  According to the National Tiger Conservation Authority, there were estimated only 2,967 tigers in existence in India as per a 2018 report.

To raise awareness about the same, renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik shared a wonderful tiger sand art at the Puri Beach in Orissa. The picture is of a tiger, sculpted in sand on the beach.

Pattnaik shared a picture of his sand art on Twitter with the caption, ”On #InternationalTigerDay. I am sharing One of my SandArt at Puri beach with message #SaveTiger.” Netizens praised the artist for his work and hailed his creativity.

See the pictures here:

On #InternationalTigerDay. I am sharing One of my SandArt at Puri beach with message

— Sudarsan Pattnaik (@sudarsansand) July 29, 2021

Today is #InternationalTigerDay. Let us pledge to protect their habitats .I am sharing One of my SandArt at Puri beach . #SaveTiger

— Sudarsan Pattnaik (@sudarsansand) July 29, 2021

The decision to celebrate this day was taken at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia in 2010 to raise awareness about the falling number of tigers in the world.

Tigers have lost 90 per cent of their natural habitat due to many reasons, and International Tiger Day aims to promote a global system by which the natural habitats of tigers can be protected. The day also helps raise public awareness about tiger conservation and encourages people to support it. The main reasons for the loss of the tiger population are poaching, climate change, and the destruction of their natural habitat.

Presently, apart from India, there are 12 tiger range countries including China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Bhutan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia, Russia and Myanmar.