Tiger Killing Guidelines Go Southways.

NYCA Killing Tiger Guidelines

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India – The Indian Express

NTCA bars killing of tigers by private shooters, Wildlife Act still allows it.


The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has barred all state forest departments from engaging a private shooter to kill a tiger for which shoot orders have been issued. There is, however, no clarity if the new guideline is strictly enforceable since the Wildlife Protection Act still contains the provision to engage such persons.

The NTCA has also dropped the use of the word ‘man-eater’ for the animal for which shooting orders have been issued. It will henceforth be described as “dangerous to human life”. The NTCA has also removed the restriction on the bore size of the gun —‘not below .375 magnum’ — to be used to kill the animal.


The Indian tiger authority (the NTCA) has issued new guidelines for Chief Wildlife Wardens on how to deal with problem tigers.

However, with the new guidelines the NTCA seems to shoot itself in the foot.

Many people, conservationists, even lawyers, object on the way the NTCA has written down the new guidelines. Some say that the NTCA now has more opportunities to have tigers killed. Others say that the Indian law doesn’t allow the new guidelines of the NTCA.

Either way, it seems that the NTCA now has work to do to recover the damage done with the new guidelines.

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