Palm Oil Worker Killed By Tiger.

Riau tiger

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Indonesia – Jakarta Post

Worker at Riau industrial forest killed in tiger attack.


A worker with PT Riau Indo Agropalma (RIA), Wahyu Kurniadi, is reported to have died following a tiger attack last Thursday in the firm’s plantation area in Tanjung Simpang village of Pelangiran district, Indragiri Hilir regency, Riau.

The 19-year-old victim was suddenly pounced on from behind while he and four coworkers were working on acacias. The tiger mauled Wahyu’s neck and then dragged him into bushes.


A tiger killed a plantation worker in Riau.

Riau is known for destroying its natural resources for palm oil. Tigers and other precious wildlife suffer the consequences of shrinking habitat.

The result is that human-tiger-conflicts (HTCs) occur frequently.

We trust that PT Riau Indo Agropalma (RIA)(the palm oil plantation) provides a good pension for the deceased worker.

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