More Focus On HTCs = More Focus On Corridors And EncroachmentK. Raju.

Wildlife Week tiger roaming
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India – The Hindu
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Governor’s pat for tiger conservation.


Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has called for creating greater awareness on human-wildlife conflicts.

Pointing out that the issue could be a result of lopsided models of development, he called for steps to protect people and their properties against such dangers.

He was delivering the valedictory address to mark the conclusion of the Wildlife Week observance at a function organised at the Forest Department headquarters here on Tuesday.


An Indian governor calls for more awareness on human-tiger-conflicts.

The problems with HTCs are encroachment and lack of corridors.

If India wants to end HTCs it needs to create much more corridors so tigers from overpopulated tiger areas can move to less populated areas.

Furthermore India can do so much more on preventing people to live near tiger areas (protected or not). Encroachment is a main cause to deal with.

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