Indian Farmers Threaten To Kill Three Tiger Cubs.

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The birth of three new tigers is a matter of joy and pride for officials and wildlife enthusiasts anywhere in the country, but not for the farmers in Amaria .

This block, situated 18km away from Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, is home to at least 8 to 10 tigers and the birth of three new cubs have added to the distress of the farmers in this agricultural belt.

Unnerved by the rising number of big cats, they have now threatened to shoot the animals dead or poison them if urgent steps are not taken by the officials. According to farmers, Amaria is an agricultural region spanning scores of kilometres.


In Indian state Uttar Pradesh farmers have threatened to kill tiger cubs if they are not translocated directly.

Due to the rise in numbers farmers have become scared for their lives and say that the government is not taking them serious.

The solution might be a translocation of the three tiger cubs but also a translocation of farmers around the tiger reserve.

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