Another Human-Tiger conflict In India.

Corbett tiger

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India –

Tiger Spotted In Residential Area Near Jim Corbett National Park, ‘Human-Wildlife Conflict’ On Rise As Wildlife Corridors Shrink.


Residents living near Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett park were in shock after a tiger was spotted in the area. The wild animals often find themselves in the human-dominated landscapes due to heavy encroaching of wildlife corridors. In the clip, a tiger can be seen in the residential area. The feline fled from the spot after a car came in front of the animal.

As the population is expanding, humans are venturing into the wild territories and the wild animals are displaced. Reduction in the availability in the natural prey and food often leads wild animals to foray into the human landscapes.


In a town near Indian Corbett National Park a tiger caused an upset when it was spotted within a residential area.

This is called a ‘human-tiger-conflict’ (HTC) and is happening more and more in India.

The reason for these HTCs is that India refuses to take necessary action against encroachment of tiger habitat.

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