Tiger As Inspiration For Possible Award-Winning Students.

Tiger prairie

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Katy students promote benefits of Tiger Prairie.


The Tiger Prairie might be considered the living legacy of a group of Katy High School students and teachers who are seeding and weeding the one acre to make it a suitable home for deep-rooted prairie plants that mitigate flooding.

Rhonda Burrough, KHS environmental teacher, started the prairie project in 2018 with Kelly Knight, an environmental science teacher, and Susan Barker, an instructional coach-science, and partnerships with nonprofits and businesses to provide hands-on learning for students.

Gathered Nov. 12 around a conference room table, about a dozen students and educators talk of how tests have shown prairie plants increase infiltration rates and can mitigate flooding in areas. Visit http://www.tigerprairie.org/ for more information.

Still a work in progress, the Tiger Prairie still sometimes draws less-than-positive comments on social media.

But Jason Ramirez, a Katy High School junior, said “Then again what’s worse than prairie plants is a flooded city. They might look at that and say we don’t like it but we spread awareness of positivity and good effects of it.


Flooding becomes a problem in some parts of the USA. To prevent floodings students from Katy High School are seeding and weeding one acre to make it a suitable home for deep-rooted prairie plants that mitigate flooding.

The Tiger Prairie Initiative at Katy High School is only one of four projects in Texas to win an award from the Science Teachers Association of Texas.

That $4,000 award helps to fund infiltration rings that measure infiltration rates of soil at research sites and a time-lapse photography sign with a bracket from which students and the community can take photos to document changes over time in the Tiger Prairie.

Of course, they called it a ‘Tiger Prairie’.

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