Stars And Stripes.

Stars and stripes tiger

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India – The Indian Express

Stars And Stripes.


There were two momentous news items in the media recently regarding wildlife: One, the number of tigers in the country has gone up, and two, no less than the Prime Minister was taken around Corbett National Park by the renowned survivalist, Bear Grylls. Down in Jungleland (DIJ) conducted an interview with an official spokestiger regarding both these issues and some more. Excerpts:

DIJ: Congratulations — you guys have really scored well in these last few years. It just shows that all those gloom and doom stories being peddled by the media (present company excluded, of course) were baseless.Your comment?

Tiger: Just remember, there are 1.3 billion of you — our most dangerous enemy — pitted against maybe 3,000 of us maximum. You figure the odds. Each one of us has to deal with 3,33,333.333 of you. No tiger can eat so much, even if it were born and brought up at McDonald’s.


Funny interview with a tiger, down in jungleland.

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