Mixed Emotions On Tiger Walk.

Mixed emotions tiger

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USA – The Daily Beast

A Jungle Walk On Tiger Safari Is An Emotional Roller Coaster.


Chinmay Deshpande pointed to a patch of wet brown earth. “See that?” said the naturalist with Pugdundee Safaris. He kneeled down to get a better look, and sniffed. The damp spot was urine from a tiger. He had peed right where we stood, on a leafy remote trail in India’s Satpura National Park, perhaps not an hour before. As for specifics, the tiger was almost certainly male because of his massive footprints, which were the size of dinner plates.

Judging by its fresh urine, the stealthy predator was probably still around, close by in the dense sal and teak forest.

Depending on your perspective, this was either fantastic—we might see a tiger in the wild as we crept in the jungle, as opposed to the usual perch of an open-air jeep.


Feel good story of a writer walking in tiger territory and experiencing all kinds of emotions in Indian tiger reserves.