Kids Raise Money To Save Tigers.

Telluride Tiger Fundraisers

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USA – Telluride Daily planet

Fundraiser Fridays Club to the rescue.


Great change starts with an idea. That’s exactly what Telluride Intermediate School fourth-grader Mikayla Ialeggio had in music class one day, which led to the creation of the Fundraiser Fridays Club — a group of students that aim to save endangered animals around the world through the World Wildlife Foundation.

“We were in music one day learning about slaves, and I just had an idea of how bad it was for them,” she said. “Then I thought about all the animals that are going extinct.”


Wonderful initiative of American schoolkids in Telluride, a small town in Colorado.

With Fundraiser Friday Club diners they raise money for a.o. Vampire Bats and Amur tigers.

Their idea of having a tiger at school can be considered as an error of youth.

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