Unique Moment In History: Sahebrao Will Get A New Paw.


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A tiger maimed by a poacher’s trap is to be given a prosthetic paw, in a world first operation aided by a UK surgeon.

Prof Peter Giannoudis from University of Leeds earlier this week helped Indian experts carry out a preliminary operation on the seven-year-old big cat. The tiger called Sahebrao will be fitted with a artificial paw in around four weeks, in the first operation of its kind.

Sahebrao was rescued from a poacher’s trap in Gondmohadi village in Chandrapur district in 2012. His wound later developed gangrene, and a part of his injured front left leg had to be amputated.


Sahebrao is a tiger that got gangrene because of a poacher’s trap. He lost his front left paw because of it.

Due to the incredible work of Sushrut Babhulkar, a Nagpur-based orthopaedic surgeon, whose mission it was to make sure Sahebrao would get a new paw, the impossible will now be realized.

A UK-doctor, Peter Giannoudis from University of Leeds, did a first preliminary operation so the prosthetic paw will fit.

Within 4 weeks the prosthetic paw will be placed on the leg of Sahebrao, so he can walk again!

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