Another Zoo Tiger Dies Of Cancer.

Zoo tiger dies of cancer

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India – The Hitavada

‘Satpura’ Dies Of Cancer At Maitri Bagh.


A male royal Bengal tiger named Satpura breathed its last in the Bhilai Maitri Bagh zoo on Tuesday, after suffering with abdomen tumour, resulted in cancer for more than last eighteen months.

It needs a mention here that in year 2004, pair of Bengal tigers, Laxmi and Ganesh gave birth to male tiger, Satura at Maitri Bagh zoo, managed by Horticulture Department of Bhilai Steel Plant.

According to the information that as the tumours in Satpura’s body was discovered, the medical experts and veterinary experts have undertaken Satpura for treatment under the supervision of AGM (Horticulture) Dr G K Dubey.


Yet another tiger from a zoo that dies of cancer.

The rate of zoo tigers dying of cancer calls for a serious investigation by the Zoo Authority of India (ZAI) into the causes.