After 21 Years In Zoo Tiger Dies Of Cancer.

tiger with cancer

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Cambodia – Khmer Times

Endangered Tiger Found Dead In Tamao Zoo.


An endangered male Indochinese tiger, rescued as a cub from a poacher in 1998, was found dead in Phnom Tamao Wildlife Sanctuary in Takeo province on Wednesday.

Sanctuary director Nhek Ratanapich yesterday said the 21-year-old tiger named Jasper was found dead in an enclosure where it was undergoing treatment for pus in the nose and mouth and also a protruding nose bone.

“Jasper was weak and had not been eating properly for several days,” he said. “It used to eat up to six kilograms of meat and a kilogram of bone daily.”

Mr Ratanapich said that Jasper had been under treatment for three days after a veterinarian suspected that it may have been suffering from bone cancer in the mouth, coupled with old age.


21 years ago a cub was rescued from a poacher and brought to a zoo in Cambodia.

During his life Jasper was cared for by the Born Free Foundation and died because of bone cancer at the age of 21.