What Is Wrong In Ranthambore?

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SHOCKING: Ranthambore Reserve Officers Click Selfie With Dead Tiger,


In a blatant display of insensitivity, a video has emerged on Saturday, of forest officials of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve clicking selfies with a dead tiger in Rajasthan’s Sawai district. The three-year-old male tiger T-109 or ‘Veeru’ died on Thursday, after succumbing to his injuries incurred in a fight allegedly over forest territory, according to ANI.

The Reserve staff had reportedly performed last rites for ‘Veeru’ at Aama Ghat in Sawai Madhopur on Friday. The video shows a uniformed officer posing for a self with Veeru’s body as staff watch. Then officials are seen picking up the tiger’s remains to perform his last rites.


Taking a selfie with a tiger is not done. Many people are condemned for it, but they do it in roadside zoos, tiger tourism facilities in Thailand, China or the USA.

But why do you – as an uniformed official in a tiger reserve – make a selfie with a dead tiger?

It is a sign of total disrespect, which adds up to everything that is happening in Ranthambore right now.

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