Tigers In Your Organisation?

We Transform Your Vision Into Purposeful Results.

Your company has a brand with a tiger or it uses tigers inĀ  marketing the products or services. But you still don’t get the best out of it. Not for tigers and not for your brand. You want to change this, maybe you have already tried it before. But you know it can work: expanding your brand while helping tigers.

Read more below about getting tigers in to your organisation: tigers as a purpose. This goes for all other companies that want to contribute to tigers.

Tiger Ravi


More and more companies commit to a purpose because of the new 'purpose economy'. Biodiversity is under pressure and is getting more and more interesting as a purpose.

Climate Change

In recent years slowing down climate change has become an important purpose for many companies. More and more companies even have found a business case for it.


Tigers are among the most popular animals in the world. This popularity doesn't pay off in their numbers as they are also among the most endangered animals in the world.

Enhancing purpose

More and more investors are choosing to invest in companies that prevent climate change and saving biodiversity. The reason is simple: doing nothing will cost more.

A Purpose-driven organisation
Will Support your Success.

Your success with your customers is based on your business model and on the people that work in the organization that has been designed to execute your business model. Because both customers and employees are developing a purpose-driven attitude it is essential to enhance the right purposes to support with your organization.

Using tigers in your brand or marketing with the right contributions to tiger conservation will only strengthen the engagement with your customers and employees.

In numbers.

% Habitat Loss
Tigers In The Wild
Tiger Countries
Chris Slappendel

Our Team.

Leading the team is Chris Slappendel, experienced consultant, change manager and tiger advocate. Outspoken about the future of tigers and committed to change their situation.

Chris is partner at Fuenta, a purpose-driven consultancy firm in Amsterdam, bringing chance within companies that want to engage with the world of tomorrow.

The team will consist of highly experienced, highly skilled people that are dedicated to make purposeful change successful. Analysts, brainstorm consultants, planners, strategists, culture changers and whomever is needed to complete the task.


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