Translocated Tigress Found Dead In Madhya Pradesh Forest.

Sanjay tigress

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Tigress Found Dead In Madhya Pradesh Forest Reserve.


The mutilated carcass of a tigress was found in Sanjay Tiger Reserve’s Khokra forest area at Madhyra Pradesh’s Sidhi, a forest official said on Thursday. Director of the reserve Ashok Mishra confirmed the death of T-20 tigress, but said the exact cause can be ascertained only after an autopsy.

According to a forest official, they were unable to track the location of the three-and-a-half-year-old tigress for the last one week.


A translocated tigress from Panna Tiger Reserve in Indian state Madhya Pradesh was found dead in her new ‘home’ (Sanjay Tiger Reserve) after foresters lost track of her for more than a week.

The body was found heavy mutilated, together with the body of another animal.

An autopsy must ascertain the cause of death.

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