Guatala Autramghat tiger

Tiger seen in Guatala Autramghat sanctuary, a first after 1940


A tiger has been spotted in Guatala Autramghat Wildlife Sanctuary for the first time since 1940, with officials on Friday stating the big cat has strayed from Tipeshwar Sanctuary in Yavatmal, some 330 kilometres from here, in search of prey.

The tiger was native to this region but vanished in 1940, though leopards have flourished with the current numbers being 25, Divisional Forest Officer Vijay Satpute told PTI.

“This tiger, which is a fully grown male, came to the sanctuary around March 11-12 and was spotted in a forest camera on March 15. It belongs to Tipeshwar area, and we have confirmed it through its stripes. The route the tiger took to reach here has not been confirmed as it is not collared,” Satpute said.

The complete article was published by Tribune India on March 19, 2021.