Pench tiger

Pench tiger strangled by accelerator wire


An adult Pench tiger was killed after being strangulated. This was done with an accelerator wire. It happened on Friday in the Tikadi beat of the Ghatkohla buffer area of Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR). Vikram Singh Parihar, the field Director of PTR, informed that a forest patrolling team found the carcass.

The adult Pench tiger was found in the Tikadi beat under Ghatkohla buffer area. Learning about the incident, the field director reached the spot. This was with Park Superintendent Ashish Kumar Pandey, Veterinarian, Akhilesh Mishra, and Circle Officer, Vivek Nag. In addition NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) representative S.K. Johri also was there.

After that the team of veterinarians performed autopsy on the spot. They found an accelerator wire tangled in the neck of the dead tiger. It seems logical that the tiger was strangulated after being entangled with the accelerator wire. Officers found that hair, nails, tooth etc. were safe. Subsequently this is considered a wildlife crime.