Kaziranga National Park – tiger found dead


A tiger was found dead at Kaziranga National Park on Saturday. Park authorities said the tiger had sustained multiple injuries.

Divisional forest officer (Kaziranga) Ramesh Gogoi said, “The injuries were clearly visible on the carcass. We presume that the tiger was heavily injured during an infighting with another tiger and died.”

The incident took place near Bihdia anti-poaching camp in the park’s Kaziranga forest range at around 12:20 pm on Saturday. Forest staffs of both Bihdia and Naramora anti-poaching camp spotted the carcass of the tiger at Sidha kathani area while they were patrolling the area.

The tiger was a four-year-old male who’s carcass was disposed off as per the guidelines of National Tiger Conservation Authority after an autopsy by a veterinian, a forest staffer said.