K4, a famous crippled tiger, is missing and feared dead


One of the most well-known tigers in Telangana state, K4, a young female cat that severely hobbled after it got trapped in a poacher’s wire snare around its abdomen, has been missing.

The tigress, one of the four cubs from the first litter of Phalguna, a tigress that migrated into Asifabad district from Maharashtra, is among the first born in Telangana, after the formation of the state. With no information or trace of K4, it is now feared dead, it is learnt. It has not been seen for around four months, nor any trace of its presence found.

Though the forest department officials say that it may be possible that the presence of a tiger in Eturnagaram forests in the former united Warangal district found a couple of months ago might be that of K4, this theory is far-fetched as K4 had a well-established territory in Chennur forest area in Mancherial district and tigers do not abandon their territories unless there is serious pressure on them, according to tiger conservation experts.