Indian tiger deaths

5 Indian tiger deaths in last 4 days: is the national animal safe on its own land?


It has not been long ago that the tiger survey of India in 2020 declared India to host 70% of World’s tigers. This happened with an exceptional increase of 33% from the period 2014-2018.

The Tiger survey 2018 had set a Guinness World Record. India operated the world’s largest camera-trap wildlife survey ever.

It was a matter of pride for all Indians. The tiger is regarded as as symbol. Of beauty, bravery, strength and nationality. When a royal animal like the tiger walks across the dried grasslands or in the jungle, even nature dares to feel proud.

But five recent Indian tiger deaths across the Indian Peninsula has raised concerns. It also has uncovered several loopholes in the country’s overall and holostic tiger protection strategy.

Just in last 3 days, 3 tiger deaths have been reported alone in Indian state Maharashtra. In the same span a tiger has found its death in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve’s Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary. Found near a canal.

Even Indian state Uttarakhand made headlines with 5 tiger deaths in the last 3 months. With another tiger found dead on the border area of Wardha and Amravati districts (last Wednesday), the number of tiger kills in Vidarbha in the last four days becomes four.

And now a report comes in that another tiger was found dead, in the Pench Tiger Reserve.

Amidst the tiger’s increasing numbers the Forest Department’s efforts are ostensibly falling short.

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