Basha, theIdaho Falls zoo Amur tiger euthanised


Basha, the 18 year old Idaho Falls zoo Amur tiger, passed away. This was announced by the zoo on Thursday.

She passed due to euthanising. This was done because of complications associated with old age on April 6.

Basha was the oldest living tiger at any AZA accredited zoo. The average life span in zoos for females of her species is 14.3 years. 

With her older age, veterinary and animal care staff had been monitoring and evaluating Basha’s health in the last years. She experienced a significant decline in her health in the last months. This dramatically accelerated over the last few weeks. Her condition advanced to the point that medical treatment no longer kept her comfortable and pain free. Animal care and veterinary teams jointly decided that euthanasia was the most humane option.

Basha was a big favorite of zoo guests.

The full article was published by Local News 8 on April 8, 2021.