Tiger Back In Indian Area After 40 Years!

Tiger mark

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India – Times of India

Tiger spotted in Marathwada after over four decades.


A tiger has been spotted in the Marathwada region for the first time in more than four decades. The state forest department confirmed the presence of a young male tiger in Hingoli district of the region, who has travelled nearly 200km in five months so far while crossing huge tracts of farmland and even a swollen Painganga river. Tiger C1, who is more than 3 years old, is from the Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary in Pandharkawda of Yavatmal district .


After a period of 40 years, the last tiger was killed in 1972, a tiger was spotted in the area around Marathwada in Indian state of Maharashtra.

The authorities keep a close eye on the tiger, that has killed already many livestock in search of a new territory.

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