Stray Tiger Settles Down.

Stray tiger

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India – Telangana Today

Maharashtra Tiger Takes Abode In Kagaznagar Forest.


A tiger that recently entered Adilabad district from Maharashtra has now migrated to the Kagaznagar forest area in Kumram Bheem Asifabad district in an indication of the forest area attracting tigers from the northern State.

The tiger, which reportedly entered Telangana from Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary of Maharashtra this July, has now been named A1 or Asifabad-1  and given a number by forest officials here.

Kaghaznagar Forest Divisional Officer M Raja Ramana Reddy told ‘Telangana Today’ that they were creating awareness among villagers in the area about its presence and trying to ensure that there were no conflicts between the animal and people.


A stray tiger from a tiger reserve in India started wandering and now seems to settle down in another tiger reserve.

While wandering it covered long distances every day but also killing cattle. On one day it even killed 12 cattle – indicating it is suffering from a dispersal syndrome.

Villagers are informed that there is a tiger in their neighborhood to ensure that no conflicts between the animal and people occur.