Saving the Sunderbans


Poachers are always on the lookout to kill one of the world’s fiercest animals — the Royal Bengal Tiger and its prime target, the spotted deer (chital harin) –the finest among the antelope in the Sunderbans. But the coronavirus pandemic has reportedly offered extra opportunities for clandestine hunting of the two highly prized species.

Different groups of poachers and smugglers are virtually in a competition to kill animals and smuggle out their skin and other body parts always in high demand abroad. Within 20 days of the first month of the year 2021, members of the law enforcement agencies arrested 11 poachers and recovered a tiger, 19 hides of spotted deer and 120 kilograms of venison. There may be more undetected cases.  

This article was published on The Financial Express on February 8, 2021.