Saving not just the tiger


Report of Ritesh Bhatt, a wildlife photographer that emphasises that conservation is more than just saving the tiger.

A group of conservationists I met in Dehradun, by the name ARCH, are on a quest to rediscover the presumed extinct Himalayan Quail (Ophrysia superciliosa). For those like my former self (before I began wildlife photography), the Himalayan Quail is a species of bird that is critically endangered and was last documented to have been sighted in 1876 at Suwakholi near Dehradun. At that moment I just wondered, it won’t be a surprise that many species of fauna that we are able to see today will meet the same fate as the Himalayan Quail. We would be left searching for them in the wild with a photograph of the last documented shot in one hand and our cameras in the other.