Philibit Tiger Reserve cub

4 cubs rescued from Pilibhit Tiger Reserve find a home at Lucknow Zoo


Four tiger cubs were surviving on their own in the jungles of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in India after their mother died. They were bound to die as they were still top young to survive in the wild.

Once the forest department found out about them, they made plans to rescue them. But they had to find out where they were. To rescue them 25 tiger cameras were set up to find out their location. But in the end pug marks of the cubs showed where they were.

The forest department of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve rescued them from a certain death. After being rescued, the cubs went into care of the authorities. They made sure to rejuvenate them. They were hydrated and got necessary electrolyte supplements, and even goat milk to ensure that their nutrition levels revived.

The cubs are now at the Lucknow zoo. They will be kept in shelters for better care and protection. To make the cubs comfortable, they were kept away from excessive human contact.

What will happen to them is now unknown.

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